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Marantz 2110 Stereo Tuner
90-day Warranty
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This is one of the better tuners that Marantz produced in the vintage era. The Model 2110 features a fully working scope for audio and FM signal levels, Gyro Touch Tuning, Dolby FM switch and a very nice wood cabinet. The 2110 also features Scope Inputs, so that you could use this unit to view the scope on any other audio signal.

The tuner is in excellent working condition including all tuner dial lights and Stereo light. The tuner has strong reception and very clean Marantz sound.

Cosmetically the tuner looks beautiful with the only exception being the section of laminate on the left wood panel that has peeled off.

The tuner is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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Price: $1,074.00

USA Shipping: $64.00

Warranty: 90 days

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