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Sony UVW-1800 Pro VCR
90-day Warranty
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The Sony UVW-1800 is a Beta SP edit deck that has been a workhorse in professional edit suites. It plays and records small and large cassettes. Component video is what made the Beta SP format so endearing to news shooters, higher end industrial producers, and documentary filmmakers. Component analog video remains a great source of multigenerational integrity when the signals are put through the wringer in the (linear) editing process. The picture continues to look great (and like the original) generation after generation without the need to digitize. The UVW-1800 is almost a classic, indeed a required element in any comprehensive video studio set-up.

Hour counters are as follows on the first unit available (the other two units have similar hours):

Drum 0001

Tape 0001

Thread 0003

Operating 00216

The VTR is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

Price: $558.00

USA Shipping: $79.00

Warranty: 90 days

Quantity in stock: 3

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