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New Brunswick Galaxy 48 CO2 Incubator
90-day Warranty
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The Galaxy 48R CO2 incubator is a mid-sized, stackable, 48-liter incubator that is designed to optimize performance in applications that require a higher level of isolation and in small labs! All New Brunswick incubators provide high quality and high satisfaction incubation with their unique design. The six-sided, direct heating system gently bathes cells in a seamless, fanless chamber. The Galaxy 48R series of incubators feature a large backlit display with on screen help menus, control & data logging of temperature, humidity, CO2, door openings, alarms, and optional O2 gas and humidity monitoring. Consistent temperature and CO2 stability create the perfect incubation conditions, while features such as the seamless chamber make them easy to clean and ensure a contamination-free environment.

This incubator is very clean and shows very little use. Only cosmetic issues are some marks on the top left blue cover area, and two of the plastic covers on the feet are missing.

Otherwise the incubator is in Excellent condition and is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

Price: $2,910.00

USA Shipping: $178.00

Warranty: 90 days

Stock# 254904226916

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