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The Anritsu MT8860C is an integrated WLAN test set, which can be used for 802.11b/g/a/n transmitter and receiver measurements. The MT8860C can be integrated faster into production, increases the throughput of production, reduces system test costs, and is easy to calibrate and maintain.

Some of the highlights of the Anritsu MT8860C are:

Network mode - tests devices using standard WLAN protocols to establish a connection to the DUT

Automatic configuration of DUT IP settings using built-in DHCP server

Packet loopback feature for simplified DUT transmitter measurements

Built-in reference radio for calibrated receiver Packet Error Ratio (PER) measurements

Direct mode - tests WLAN devices with the support of test mode software from the silicon supplier

Transmission of user defined WLAN packets

Built-in transmitter analyzer

Shorter test system design time

High-speed transmitter measurements including power burst profile, spectral mask and CCDF

Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) measurements with constellation diagrams

The unit is in excellent condition and shows very little use. The unit is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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