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Fiberpro PS-155-A Scrambler

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In many optical fiber communication systems and sensors, optical signal of polarized light may be degraded by the presence of polarization dependence of the constituents. Polarization of light gives rise to erroneous results when it is used in characterizing fiber-optic components having PDL, even if it is small. In any of these cases, polarization scrambling is the most promising solution. Polarization Scrambler randomizes the output SOP of light in order to lower the DOP of light effectively in time average. Here, randomization means the modulation of SOP on the Poincare sphere. However, PS does not generate a truly random trajectory but generates a predetermined trajectory depending on the input SOP. The important thing is that the trajectory on the Poincare sphere should be integrated in time to yield zero DOP regardless of the input SOP.

FIBERPRO’s PS Series are designed to give users plug-and-play operation. All you have to do is to make correct connections and turn on the power. The double-stage birefringence modulator inside the PS achieves optimum performance regardless of the input SOP.

The scrambler is in Excellent condition and is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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