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Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670 FT Spectrophotometer

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The Thermo Nicolet NEXUS 670 FT-IR Spectrometer is a high resolution FTIR system with multiple spectral ranges including mid-IR, near-IR, far-IR and UV-Visible for the rapid scanning of fast kinetics.
Additional features:

- 0.125 cm-1 spectral resolution

- Spectral range: 350 to 7800

- Resolution: 0.09 cm -1

- Automated continuously variable aperture

- Dual detector access hatch

The spectrophotometer comes with a Dell T3400 computer with Intel Core 2 Quad processor, with Thermo OMNIC software installed and other software.

Please note that the computer PCI card and connector cable to the Nexus are not included. Otherwise the spectrophotometer and the computer are guaranteed to be in proper working order.

The system is offered with free local pickup. Local delivery can be arranged for a reasonable fee. Nationwide freight shipping is available for $300-$600.

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