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The Multi Myograph System is a highly sophisticated yet robust research instrument. It is an easy-to-use system for in-vitro studies of vascular structure and function. The range of applications is countless within isometric contraction and dilatation of smaller arteries, larger vessels such as the carotid artery and aorta, trachea, intestine, bladder, and many more.

Multiple units can be conveniently arranged side-by-side. This makes the Multi Myograph an ideal system for work requiring a higher throughput, such as drug screening, concentration responses, or experiments where individual testing of vessels in separate baths is necessary.

Each individual myograph chamber, made of aluminum, has a centrally located stainless steel chamber. The tissue supports (jaws or pins) are then positioned in the chamber, where one side is attached to the force transducer, and the other side is attached to a micrometer. ?Each unit has individually controlled gas inflow and suction. Heating and connections for vacuum and gassing are in the myograph interface, permitting the preparations in all four chambers to be kept under physiological conditions (37C and bubbled with a gas mixture of your choice). The interface in the Multi Wire Myograph System also houses all the electronics, and microprocessor for calibration, the circuitry for analog outputs, and a USB port for digital data acquisition.

Following mounting and equilibration, passive length-tension relationships for the vessels are determined using a normalization procedure. This ensures reproducibility amongst the segments and between experiments. During actual experiments, the circumference of the vessel is kept constant. Compounds can be added directly to the chamber, and the vessel contractility and reactivity are measured under isometric conditions.

Included is only the main Myograph unit with no additional accessories or software.

The Myograph system is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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