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TC Electronic Triple-C Compressor
90-day Warranty
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The TRIPLE-C is a highly flexible Compressor especially designed for single source processing but with a great
variety of applications:

  • The Multi-band mode allows compression and spectral balancing of three independent bands on any single
    source without getting into the usual problems of pumping and breathing.
  • The Full-range mode, offers standard compression utilizing the feed forward principle known from
    various analog Compressors. The TRIPLE-C simulates the best from analog Compressors and provides
    top quality Full-band compression instantaneously.
  • The Envelope mode allows changing the dynamic content of the incoming source material in its entire
    duration. This can be used for various kinds of dynamic shaping e.g. for extending the sustain source or
    adding more “click” to percussive material such as a bass drum. The Envelope mode will also apply
    in many Dance/DJ and more experimental types of music as a powerful tool of expression.
  • The Sidechain function allows an external source to either fully control or contribute to the control of the
    compression performed by the TRIPLE-C.

The unit is missing the slider lever behind the main System knob (please see 2nd picture). Otherwise the compressor is in Very Good condition and is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

Price: $210.00

USA Shipping: $39.00

Warranty: 90 days

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