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Nikon E800 Eclipse Microscope
90-day Warranty
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The Nikon Eclipse E800 biological research microscope is a fixed-stage upright microscope configured to image in transmitted light, DIC, and epifluorescence modes. It is equipped with the revolutionary CFI60 optical system designed to ensure bright, sharp, crisp, and aberration-free images in all applications.

This microscope comes with Nikon CFIUW 10x/25 viewers and the following objectives:

  • Nikon Plan Fluor 40x/0.75 Ph2
  • Nikon Plan Fluor 20x/0.50 Ph1
  • Nikon Plan Fluor 10x/0.30 Ph1
  • Nikon 4x/0.10 WD 30
  • Nikon 10/0.21 SLWD

The microscope comes with the main power supply but is missing the lamp power supply.

The microscope is in Very Good condition. With your lamp power supply, the microscope is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

Price: $4,680.00

USA Shipping: $113.00

Warranty: 90 days

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