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GE Sterile Tube Fuser

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The GE Sterile Tube Fuser is an automated device for welding together thermoplastic tubing with fluid in an aseptic operation without the need for a laminar flow cabinet or similar environmental control device.

Enables rapid and secure fluid transfer

User programmable parameters for different types of tubing

LCD display for prompts and data

Infrared blade temperature sensor

PC interface for data printing and parameter download

Uses PTFE-coated blades for stronger welds

The instrument is useful for connecting tubing between sterile containers, bioreactor bags, and process equipment. The unit can connect tubing diameters ( 1/4 in and 7/16 in, OD) for the rapid and safe transfer of large volumes of inoculum, media buffers, process intermediates, and other products.

We have available Wet and Dry units. If selecting a quantity of 1, please specify your choice at Checkout.

The tube fusers are guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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