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Tantec SpotTEC HF Spot Generator

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Tantec HF SpotTEC with connectors shown. The system was removed from active service and is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

TANTEC HF SpotTEC is a sophisticated electronic test equipment designed to be used in laboratory and precision assembly applications, or under the most demanding of scientific and engineering environments. This advanced device is suited for general purpose use, as well as more specialized testing scenarios, such as fine-tuning electronic circuits and assemblies, or diagnosing and troubleshooting signal issues.

The device features two main components: a digital signal processor (DSP) and a spotting microscope. The DSP processes signal input, allowing users to fine-tune their measurements depending on the application. This processor is particularly effective for measuring and characterizing high frequency signals, within a broad dynamic range. The DSP also supports a variety of signal types, from audio, to pulse, and from measurement points of view.

The spotting microscope is an integrated electromechanical tool, equipped with 8 LEDs and a camera. This microscope can sharply observe and measure different points with its high magnification, allowing technicians to inspect and identify damages, shorts, or defects in precision assemblies.

HF SpotTEC is equipped with a variety of functions, enabling it to both detect signals, and also evaluate the signal qualities such as frequency, phase, and amplitude. The device also features onboard signal storage-microSD memory, allowing technicians to store detailed reports of their work. Furthermore, the device sports easy wireless data transmission capabilities, granting users access to the stored data from any device, in virtually any location.

The system is guaranteed to be in proper working order.

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